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As the picture says: comment to be added.

I am usually a nice girl if you don't fuck around with me in any day. I am emotionally unstable most of the times and I can fall apart really easilly. Stay on my good side, and for now I'll have my sanity in my reach. You piss me off, and I'll be screaming at you for awhile. I have anger issues, and I could careless.

I will rant about the problems of the world, trends, and people. I hate racists, racists, or anyone who gets fun out of insulting someone for who they are. We can't (usually) help what we become, who we are, and our skin color or race. I am pro-gay marriage, and anti-stuck up religion freaks. I dislike homophobics unless it is a REAL TRAUAMIZING FEAR OF HOMOSEXUALS. I've met people who had reasons for this. But back to the pont---do not harass ment or insult me in anyway or others.

I like anime. Anime has different catergorys and they are different types of Anime. Some are made for younger audience, some for teens, and others for Adults. Anime is just not Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, or Yu-Gi-Oh! Some animes can be deep and take time to think why or how that is happen. Some animes are like the shows on TV, revolving around a normal girl and her social life. Besides, it's not the worst thing to like a ruined by dubbers! Anime. Ever heard of watching things because you watched them when you were you were younger?

I have problems. Yes, I know. Thanks for stating the obvious--want a friggin' cookie?

Take the chance--do you dare to add me?

I have switched to a new journal. If you wish to add me...then get your ass over to x__cutmefree.